This Service Is Not Available In All Areas

We limit the number of service organizations by population. So if you have an interest make your decision soon, before your market is closed.

What We Offer:

This is a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Estimating System. It only generates maintenance agreements. We offer 6 different types of maintenance agreements from Full Coverage to Test & Inspect. It can use a customized agreement template or our standard templates.

What We Do Not Offer:

It does not do projects, construction or repair pricing.

HVAC Service Estimator

HVAC Service Estimator

HVAC Service Estimator

My Service Builder(MSB) is the #1 HVAC Service Estimator Software for Commercial HVAC service contractors. It has been used as an HVAC Service Estimator by thousands of contractors since 1994. It provides commercial HVAC contractors with a method for HVAC service estimating that produces consistent service agreement prices for commercial HVAC maintenance agreements. Service estimating is fast and easy, within just a few minutes of logging into the service estimating software you can have a completed service agreement estimate.

Service Agreements

Service agreements are the foundation of a profitable and growing HVAC commercial service contractor’s business. They provide a higher level of service and fair prices for the customer and fair profits for the contractor. Estimated and managed correctly a contractor can keep service agreement customers’ equipment in peak condition for more than twice its average life span.

If your goal is to grow your HVAC commercial service agreement base, then My Service Builder is the service estimating software you want. Do not take agreement estimating lightly, it’s an important part of meeting that goal. Service estimating is also an important part of getting and keeping customers. A good service estimator is key to gaining more control over your costs and therefore your profits.

Estimating Software

Estimating software is important to the success of your agreement business. Agreement software like MSB provides you with a pre-built database of equipment to select from when creating an agreement estimate. Without this database you are leaving your estimating to chance, and that is never a good idea.

Getting you accustomed to our service estimating software is a job we take seriously. We are here to help you get the most out of the MSB service estimator software. So take advantage of what we can do to help you grow a stronger, more predictable service agreement business.

We would love to talk to you about your agreement estimating software needs. We have been doing this since 1994 and can even custom brand an agreement software package for your company.

MSB Account Setup from My Service Builder on Vimeo.