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HVAC Maintenance Estimator And Proposal Generator

Designed specifically for commercial and industrial service contractors.


More Agreement Options

We offer you more agreement types than any other estimator we know. From a Test & Inspect Only to the Full Coverage Plus agreement your prospect will appreciate the variety you offer.

Full Plus

The Full Coverage Plus agreement estimate includes all the labor to perform preventive maintenance. This service agreement estimate also covers the technician’s labor to respond to emergency service calls. This agreement type also covers all of the labor to replace or repair any of the parts or components. In addition this service program includes coils, heat exchangers and other non-maintainable item. 

Full Coverage

The Full Coverage agreement is a personal favorite of the owner of My Service Builder. During his years as a maintenance sales rep in Nashville, TN he only sold Full Coverage agreements. This agreement covers all of the moving and maintainable parts and components. It also covers all the labor to respond to emergencies and repairs. 

Full Labor

The Full Coverage Labor maintenance agreement is another modified Full Coverage. This version only covers the labor to perform maintenance and to respond to emergencies and repairs. It does not cover any parts of any kind. There are several places this type of service agreement can be used. For example, consider a manufacturing facility that can buy parts at a discount.

Small Parts

The Full Coverage Small agreement estimate includes all the labor to perform preventive maintenance and the technician’s labor to respond to emergency service calls. It also covers the labor to repair or replace some parts. Where this service agreement type changes is in the type of parts and components it covers. It does not cover compressors. It does cover the rest of the moving and maintainable parts and components.

PM Only

The Preventive Maintenance service agreement is not your standard service. Our system generates an estimate designed to deliver the best performance available. In fact, this is the same maintenance level that is provided by the Full Coverage agreement. You can certain reduce the hours our estimator calculates, but we suggest you not.

Inspect Only

The Test & Inspect service agreement is not a real preventive maintenance agreement. This service agreement does not provide any preventive maintenance at all. The only services covered by this agreement are the time to visually look for potential issues with a piece of equipment. It includes some minor testing such as surface temperatures. This is a last resort type agreement.

Customizable Agreement & Report Documents

Generate any service agreement in record time with our custom template system. You can design your agreements to look professional and cover all the details. Include a full blown proposal with the contract document. Create a set of reports for every department in your service organization.

Document Editor

Familiar Look & Feel Agreement Editor

We use one of the most powerful and intuitive page designers and builders for web access. Design any layout imaginable!  Select font, images color almost like your favorite word processor.  Watch your beautiful, professional service agreements come to life.

Customize Everything, Almost

Using all the parts and pieces we’ve added to this HVAC maintenance agreement estimating software you’re in for an amazing service agreement estimating experience. You set almost every value from our labor cost to your gross margin expectation. Then we do the rest, running 1,000’s of background calculations to produce your service agreement estimates in mere seconds.


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Exclusive Features

Unlimited Access

Get your estimating job done from anywhere at any time. 

Team Accounts

If you have a sales team, like so many of our users do, you might consider a Team account. This lets the manager keep track of the sales team’s activities at a glance.

Unlimited Support

From the morning at 8:30am to the late afternoon at 5:30pm CST we are available in several ways. Live Chat, Email and Phone, yes I said Phone! You can actually call us.

Multiple Price Setups

Even if you only have 1 office, you may have a need to different level pricing structures. You can create price structure based on geography, or market types. Whatever meets your needs, you can create a price set for it.

Unlimited Training Sessions

Unfortunately, the turnover in sales people is high. That means you may need training more than you think. We run training programs several times a week. Call and schedule one. 

Mobile Friendly

Yes, you can take the service agreement estimator with you on your phone or other WIFI enabled device on your next building survey. Add the equipment by voice using your phone voice function. What a time saver!

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